Due  to the State’s Stay At Home Order  triggered on Sunday, December 6,  the patio will no longer be available for in person dining for a minimum of three weeks.  SLC will be open regular hours for Togo orders and also providing meal delivery to the Sherwood Community. Togo orders may be picked up in the dining room or delivered curbside in the front circle. Golf and tennis  will remain open regular hours.Type your paragraph here.

With its stately architecture and elegant appointments, the club adds a new focal point to this exclusive 1,900 acre community.  Located within the statuesque Santa Monica Mountains, Sherwood Lake Club members will indulge in divine recreational and social amenities. The elegant clubhouse, spanning 14,000 square feet, will be a distinguished playground for those who appreciate the rewards that come with exclusivity. 

Sherwood Lake Club Hours:

Pool & Gym: Tuesdays  6am - Sundown / Wednesdays – Sundays 6am – 8pm
Golf ,Tennis:
 - Sunday 8 am – Sundown    
Dining Room:
Wednesday – Friday 
11AM- 7pm / Saturday – Sunday  10am - 7 pm
last order placed by 6:30pm. 


The magnificent Sherwood Lake Club will forever be coveted as the first “Bear’s Best” par-3 golf course in the country with a collection of Jack Nicklaus’ most prized par-3 designs throughout his career.  This carefully sculpted golf course has three sets of tees which offer the beginner, the junior and the more seasoned golfer complete enjoyment at every turn. Enhanced by extraordinary visual aesthetics, the challenge and sheer pleasure of the play is sure to make each round at Sherwood Lake Club a truly memorable one.​

Sherwood Lake Club

Surrounded by beauty and overflowing with family fun, Sherwood Lake Club offers a warm, comfortable environment that invites your entire family and guests to enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, dining and entertaining – plus a variety of daily activities – in a delightfully picturesque setting.  Sherwood Lake Club offers all of the amenities and activities from the very best private clubs and then some.